Conversations with President Matthew Myer Boulton and friends of Christian Theological Seminary

True story

Students, faculty and staff will represent CTS at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina in July. The festival’s theme is “Story.”

When potential students apply to Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, they tell us about themselves. High GPAs. Terrific references. Years of devotion to their home churches.

But it’s not until they’ve settled in a bit — when they get through orientation, move into their apartments, go to class — it’s not until then that the true stories come out. Stories of joy, hope, support, epiphanies. Stories of abuse, loss, shame, doubt.

Novelist E. M. Forster used this example to show the difference between facts and a story:
The king died, and the queen died.
The king died, and the queen died of grief.

A list of facts doesn’t do much. Stories, though, turn strangers into friends. Skeptics into believers.

Jesus’s story is full of joy, hope, support, epiphanies, abuse, loss, shame, and doubt. No wonder we connect to it, are transformed by it, seek to follow his “way.”

We can’t wait to swap stories with old friends and new at Wild Goose Festival this year.



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